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Another Year is Ending

2018 has been a busy and productive year for Stephen's Place. We have had many very interesting guests and the garden has been busy.

Sadly we have seen less of old Bob but he is still around but we have had frequent visits from a pair of Yellow Throated Martens.

Mothing improved over last year with more new speices being found and photographed by our regular guest and friend David Fischer from Australia.

This year I also experimented with photographing the moths on a black background but as they are all alive getting them to be still was the challenge.

We do not kill or collect specimens here.

The moth identification workshop went well again with a decent attendance. But we hope to see more next year.

The most exciting visitor that came in February and visited almost every night this year was a not so wise Brown Wood Owl. He came for a moth feed very frequently but initially would take moths then crash into the bay window, this was until we changed the orientation of the moth cloth and light. After that he could safely take the moths and miss any crashing into the window.

Next year proves to be exciting with the addition of new rooms and a kitchen extension.

Another new activity for next year will be the start of Night Spotlighting drives to locate and see nocturnal mammals.

Details to be published soon.

We would like to thank all our guests for your support and also to every one viewing, Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year.

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