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Garden Visitors

After many months of absence we had an old friend visit the garden last night. Old Bob the Masked Palm Civet and the biggest of the civets here in Fraser's Hill came back for a quick visit and look around. It is really great to see he is still surviving despite his foot injury of 2 years ago.

 But strangely enough we also had another visitor last night too, again after months of absence half tail the common Palm civet dropped in.

 But the third and currently most regular visitor is Stinky. Stinky is a Large Spotted Civet quite rare for this area and distinguishable from the Malay Civet by the bands on the tail and the neck lines. The Malay Civet has lines that run around the neck and the Large Spotted Civet has lines that run down the length of the neck. The Malay Civet has many white bands on the tail and the Large Spotted has only 5 white bands. We have yet to get images of the Malay Civet and the Small toothed Civet that also occasionally visit the garden.

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