What to Expect

The Stephen's Place offers the ultimate highland nature experience. Built in the 1930's this old colonial style bungalow has been fully renovated and and set up for the travelling Naturalist. We make every effort no matter what your pasion to ensure that you fully enjoy the wonderful highlands of Malaysia. 

Please watch the video's below to enjoy the natural wonders around Stephen's Place.

What to Expect During Your Stay.


Perfectly suited to the nature enthusiast, here in the mountains of Malaysia there is a smorgasbord of wildlife and nature for you to see.

Depending on your interest, your stay at Stephens Place will reward you with some unforgettable experiences. Langurs are commonly seen stealing the veggies, Vipers can be frequently by found in the Hibiscus, Moths are plentiful, attracted to the moth light that is on every night. This in turn provides breakfast for the multitude of birds that turn up every morning.

Fraser's Hill is Internationally known for its spectacular bird watching and bird photography opportunities, thus allowing the discerning naturalist the opportunity to witness and enjoy the fabulous world of Malaysian wildlife here in the highlands.

Of course during your stay you will be pampered with home cooked food, Vege's fresh from the garden and Bread straight from the oven. 

There is even a small reference library for you to check and identify some of the wonders you may find.


Please be patient there is a slight delay to the start of the video.